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Fully Staged Production coming in 2020

"The next production will be STONE’S CHILDREN by Haitian playwright Bernard Sterlin. Nonotte, once the mistress of one of Haiti’s most ruthless presidents, and now widow of Lucien Stone, a rich Haitian coffee plantation owner, has come to visit her eldest son, Arthur Stone, a Haitian psychiatrist living a comfortable and orderly life with his wife and son in the Beacon Hill section of Boston, Massachusetts. She is there primarily for a hospital check up from which it is discovered that she is ill with Parkinson’s Disease. This news leads to the sudden arrival from Haiti of Arthur’s younger brother, Jean-Claude, his trophy wife Jojo and their teenage daughter Georgette. In the space of one week all their lives are turned upside down as family feuds, lies and secrets are exposed. The son who left the island and the one who stayed behind clash over their mother’s Will. The guilt and the anger the siblings feel towards each other is forced into the open and finally the family secret is revealed. The play is about criminal behaviour passed on in the unwitting emotions and rituals of relationships through the generations. One element of the conflict within the Stone family and in their country’s social fabric involves the question of colour. This surfaces throughout the play showing how complex the problem is.  Haiti has a dramatic history and this is epitomised in STONES CHILDREN.  A staged Reading of the play was performed at a celebration of Bernard Sterlin’s life on October 16th 2011 with the idea of mounting a full production, which will now take place in October 2020.

-Jenny Sterlin, Artistic Director