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Dorothy of Nowhere' by Thomas Burns Scully was the winner of the Origin Theatre Company/W.B Yeats Playwriting Award, a competition held in 6 states across the US in association with the Abbey Theatre and The Consul General of Ireland, New York. Dorothy of Nowhere is a new play about poetry, womanhood and sex, set in modern Ireland. A young girl’s view shifts in the wake of love, verse and tragedy. A play that feels contemporary and immediate, while paying fitting tribute to the legacy of W.B.Yeats.
Directed by Christopher Randolph
Cast: Jo Kinsella, Helen McMillan, Chris Russell and Jenny Sterlin Co-produced with Ruffian Players
The Cell // New York // September 2016

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Four Women and a Boat by Jimmy Kerr and Geraldine Hughes is a comedy in two acts about a group of friends in their golden years, who go on a cruise around “the islands”.  This voyage becomes an unexpected journey of love, laughter and tears…and one very unexpected shipmate.
Directed by Geraldine Hughes
Cast: Britannie Bond, Terry Donnelly, Bairbre Dowling, Geraldine Hughes, Jo Kinsella, Charlotte Moore and Ciaran O’Reilly
Presented by DoubleDeckerProductions & NYU Glucksman Ireland House
NYU Glucksman Ireland House // New York // September 2014


Maybe, is a “romantic-comedy” set in New York's only fish & chip shop by Northern Irish playwright Jimmy Kerr who presented Ardnaglass on the Air (1st Irish 2010) and House Strictly Private (1st Irish 2012)  It’s Johnny’s last summer in NYC and his world has been turned upside down by a complete stranger...he thinks he’s in love but his mother wants him home. What will he do? Will he do his duty by his parents or will he follow his heart? Should he listen to the VOICE inside his head or will he forge his own destiny?
Directed by Jo Cattle   
Cast: Becca Blackwell, Brittany Bond,Terry Donnelly, Paul Moon, Desi Moreno-Pension, Michele Rafic, Stacy Rosa, Fergal Titley and Fiona Walsh
Glucksman Ireland House // New York // September 2013


Bedlam a wonderful composite of five short plays written by an ensemble of actors and helped by a guitarist….the only furniture on stage is a bed!
Directed by Jenny Sterlin                                                Cast: Robert Appleton, Martin Ewens, Sylvana Jakich, William Jay Kahn, Jimmy Kerr, Brandon Olson, Jenny O’Reilly and Jenny Sterlin
Guitarist: Peter Fink                                                          Co-Produced with Unfiltered Players                            Parkside Lounge // New York // October 2009



Stone’s Children by Bernard Sterlin is a family drama drawing on Bernard’s experiences of a Haitian childhood.  The action of the play takes place in Arthur and Penelope Stone’s apartment in the Beacon Hill section of Boston Massachusetts over a week in October.  The arrival of Jean Claude Stone, Arthur’s entrepreneurial and unstable brother from Haiti and his wife and child disrupt their life entirely: dark secrets are revealed resulting in a family crisis.                           Directed by  Jenny Sterlin
Cast:  Shashi Balooja, Julia Campinelli, Claire Fort, Cynthia Granville, Fahim Hamid, Peter Francis James, Cam Kornman, Ben Martin
Narrator:  Sophie Clayton
Stage Four, Roy Arias Studios // New York // October 2011




House Strictly Private  by Jimmy Kerr is a dark comedy set in present day Ireland. It is about a family who have been shattered and scattered by sudden and tragic deaths in the past, and who are now faced with the possibility of a long overdue reunion when an elderly uncle becomes ill. With the prospect of his imminent demise they begin to confront the past and their memories of the lives they lived as a family…each has their own version of that life. The devastating contents of the uncle’s Will forces one family member to reveal a shocking secret, otherwise this already fragile family will fall apart forever but will it work?

Directed by Laura Savia  
Cast: Jo Kinsella, Paul Moon and Jenny Sterlin
The Drilling Company // New York // September 2012

Eimai by Christiana Lambrinidis is set in Greece during the time of Junta.  Two mothers and two daughters are caught in the patriarchal paranoia.  Christiana was born in Athens, Greece and her childhood was spent under the rule of the Junta. At the time of writing Eimai she was a writer in residence at Harvard University but subsequently returned to Greece and became an activist fighting for women’s rights.

Directed by Jenny Sterlin                 
Cast: Jane Fama, Jennifer Jones, Penina Magid and Jenny Sterlin
Jewett Room, Wellesley College Massachusetts // November 1990

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Effie’s Burning  by Valerie Windsor is a gem of a play written by an award winning British writer about the courage needed to conquer the effects of repression.  When Dr. Ruth Kovacs is commanded by her pompous male Consultant to attend to Effie, a mental patient in her 60’s who has suffered third degree burns, she begins to uncover a story which both horrifies and intrigues her.

Directed by Michael Hunter Lilly                    
Cast: Karen Liner and Jenny Sterlin
Miranda Theatre Company // New York // July 1997

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Father by Christopher Mack is a heartfelt and poetic curtain raiser written by a New York playwright.  Cordelia’s father is dying and she struggles with her feelings of love and hate for the man who was her hero and then her jailer.

Directed by Lynne McCollough          
Cast: Larry Guardino, Jenny Sterlin and Wiley Moore
Miranda Theatre//1997

The Art of Success by Nick Dear opens with William Hogarth, the painter and Henry Fielding the writer inebriated in a whorehouse.  The year is 1735.  The play follows these two along with some colourful accomplices through a succession of scenes depicting a life of debauchery tempered by artistic genius.  Two forces are pitted against each other, the self serving world of Sir Robert Walpole and his intention to censure artistic works and the Dionysian force of the artists, their lovers, their whores and a revengeful murderess.  Mix this in with the straightlaced Jane, Hogarths wife, and one encounters a world bristling with the struggle for artistic expression against the hypocritical power of the state.

Directed by Jenny Sterlin
Cast: Michael Bradshaw, Sean Dougherty, Daniel Dresner, Mike Finesilver, Tracey Johnson, Amy Korb, Angela Scowen, Tim Smallwood, Jenny Sterlin and Alice White
The Greenwich Street Theatre // New York // May 2000